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art of


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What matters is how we supply things,

not the things we supply.

What matters is how we supply things, not the things we supply.

Zest Product Solutions (ZPS) have established an enviable reputation for inspiring, cost-effective and innovative product and packaging solutions.


Where competition for market share is fierce (and where isn’t it!), differentiation is crucial, and we help brands achieve genuine cut-through and added value.

Sometimes a function is more important than form and in more commoditised purchasing we ensure optimal return on investment, without compromise to quality, safety or utility.

We’re not constrained by a particular market sector; the products we supply don’t define us.

Everyone can use a little Zest in their lives.

Our’s may be a small piece of the puzzle… but it’s pivotal.

We are conscious that the products we supply are often just one part of a bigger picture – a contribution to a multidisciplinary marketing mix perhaps, or a one line entry in an annual budget for consumables.


Drawing on decades of experience in global procurement and leveraging the strategic partnerships with key suppliers we’ve developed along the way, we engage closely with stakeholders to achieve effective, purposeful and holistic solutions that deliver their objectives.


With everything we do underpinned at every stage by industry-leading due diligence and compliance.

…there’s one less thing to worry about.

Our philosophy…

To give clients what they want…

We listen. Our role is to facilitate not complicate.

We are a broad church. Wherever a sympathetic mixing of
market intelligence, consumer insight, product knowledge
and creative endeavour is needed, our team provide it.

We are flexible, not prescriptive. Seamlessly partnering
with our clients to make their lives as simple as possible,
we devise bespoke solutions for individual scenarios.

… not tell them what

they can have.



Regardless of the product and
no matter the client, everything
we do is steered by a trinity of
attributes, and driven by a
culture of constant curiosity &

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We’re not so naive as to
say nothing surprises us,
but there’s not much we
haven’t seen, worked
through, and learnt from.


We have an extensive and robust global supply chain, something that is absolutely essential to protect our reputation, and that of our clients. By selecting the right suppliers we ensure everything we produce is ethically responsible, on-brand and of the quality expected. Backing this up are partnerships with leading international testing houses and independent inspection companies to provide the following services:







Through our logistics partners, we have the capability to offer a wide range of services and solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost-effective. This includes everything from accommodating the specific delivery requirements of client warehouses, through to storage and added value services like labelling, kitting, re-works, returns, POS preparation, light assembly and volume product scale outs.






Every project has a beginning and an end, but what comes between can differ greatly. The majority will share several key stages, but even then, the proportion of the total time that each stage takes will vary depending on the product at hand, and our client’s priorities.


Some need a big upfront creative input, with weeks spent in the initial stages on design and sampling. Others can jump straight in later in the process, with a product chosen ‘off the shelf’ and delivered within days of the enquiry starting.


To recognise and reconcile these differences we have developed a way of working that allows us to seamlessly integrate internal and external contributions to the lifecycle of any project. It gives us the capacity to supplement our internal resources as necessary, utilising specialist external professionals in areas such as product design, quality control and logistics. This way we always have the resource we need, but only pay for what we actually use.

The result is a win/win of competitive pricing and uncompromised quality and service.



I have been consistently impressed by Zest’s level of commitment to get things done under tight time pressures. Their flexibility in approach, range of design suggestions, and delivery of high-quality finished articles has been excellent. Their ability to go above and beyond includes, but is not limited to, midnight meetings in garden centre car parks to sign off urgent pack format.

Scott  Goodfellow

Director – Wilkin & Sons

Gemporia have been working with ZPS since mid-2015. What makes Zest stand out to us as a premium supplier is the following: exceptional service, exceptional quality, commitment to understanding our business needs and commercial proposition. Chris and Steve are always available when needed, deliver on time and are very proactive in their approach.

Mark Jackson

Operations Director – Gemporia Limited

I wanted to give you the feedback that a number of the team have expressed, in that they could not have delivered Tour of Britain without your support. The view was that you worked tirelessly on our behalf and the support was invaluable. I always believe that when feedback is genuine like this it should be shared and you should be made aware that all of the hard work is actually appreciated 

Andrew Turner

Commercial Controller Central – Halewood

Our company has been working closely with ZPS for a number of years now. I’m always really impressed by their consultative approach to each project. It’s clear to me that they have an excellent understanding of the part merchandise plays in the wider brand journey, which means their solutions are always relevant, distinctive and ‘end-user’ focused (which is so often lost on other suppliers)

Lee Callaghan

Managing Director – Brand Elect Ltd