Protective Face Shield

During the pandemic, personal protective equipment became needed in places where it had never been needed before. At the same time the usage, by say shop workers as opposed to healthcare professionals, was quite different too.


One factor affecting a lot of usage settings was the need to have something functional that was also suitable for prolonged use.


Many of the existing products on the market were quite rigid, and not awfully comfortable – something that was a concern when there was the need to wear them for protracted periods.


Whilst plastic was the only really viable material, our selection of rPET – an already partially recycled, and fully recyclable material – minimised the environmental impact of our product.



In this instance Zest didn’t develop a solution in response to a customer enquiry, but instead proactively designed an inexpensive, easy to assemble and comfortable face visor that could be rapidly manufactured from sheets of plastic.


The utility of our product made it an attractive proposition to clients as diverse as local authorities and retailers. One such, Lidl, placed an order following a successful trial conducted by their senior management on store visits.