Christmas Bauble

Global skincare brand Olay wanted an innovative way to package one of their lead products – Total Effects Eyecare – as an exclusive line in Superdrug stores in the crucial Christmas gifting period. Their idea was to produce a plastic bauble which could be hung as a gift on a Christmas tree, and would have considerable stand-out on shelf. Their existing supplier base had been unable to rise to the challenge in time, and Zest were introduced to the Olay team in early August by a senior manager to try and achieve a better outcome.


The client’s concept was simple in theory but more complex to realise in practice. First and foremost, the bauble had to display the Total Effects product securely. This meant moulding a means of securing the box into the base of one half of the bauble, and a twist-lock mechanism into each part. The former was made more difficult because it was also necessary to have a flat base so the bauble could sit securely on shelf. Aesthetic considerations, such as the concentration of glitter in the plastic and how to unobtrusively include safety information also needed to be addressed.



It was then down to our robust and reliable supply chain in the Far East to deliver the product to specification and to time. Within two months this product was designed, manufactured and 50,000pcs delivered to Superdrug ready for start of the Christmas campaign.


By leveraging an extensive knowledge of packaging and applying creative thinking to the hurdles which needed to be overcome, the outcome of the design process was a bauble that was both functional and stylish. It was such a great success and we were approached to deliver an ‘Egg’ shaped solution for the following Easter campaign.