City of London Distillery

Bespoke Glass

The City of London Distillery have an iconic brand, brilliantly reinforced by an entirely bespoke bottle. Rather than simply relying on a label, the bottle itself embodies key elements of the brand identity making it instantly recognisable and highly memorable. However, their gin was typically still being served in a generic glass, so much of that carefully crafted branding was lost once the drink was poured. The solution was to create a glass that took design cues from the bottle and thus significantly prolonged brand recognition.


Creating any bespoke product requires two things – a design and a manufacturer capable of realising it. With the bottle as a guide, various glass designs were presented to the client, initially as 3D renders. From there a CAD drawing was created for their preferred option, and this in turn was used to create a rapid prototype by 3D printing.


The response gained from this sample was really useful and enough for everyone to be comfortable that the finished glass would feel right in the hand.



With the design and sample approved, manufacture could begin. Using our extensive knowledge of glass manufacturers, we identified a supplier who was able to produce both mouth-blown, handmade and machine manufactured glass.


This provided maximum flexibility as to how the glass could be branded, while also allowing for a low minimum order quantity, meeting the client’s volume needs.


The outcome of the creative and production process was a totally bespoke highball glass incorporating the bottle’s iconography, shape and even the unique blue colour.


It is a solution that perfectly represents the brand – a fantastic receptacle for a fabulous beverage.