Innovative Drink & Barware

Brands are always looking for points of differentiation. Even when those brands are inherently quirky, there’s always the scope to design or source unusual items that help define or enhance a brand’s identity.


A case in point is the Dead Man’s Fingers rum brand, created in Cornwall with a healthy disregard for tradition and a freedom to experiment that manifested itself in a product whose branding – a skull logo – was as distinctive as the rum itself.


Zest have supported DMF with a range of items, including some unusual drinkware that is spot-on equity. Rather than traditional drinking glasses, DMF have used skull jars and shot glasses, the former proving so successful as drinkware that they have since added lids and used them as retail packaging for the introduction of four new flavours in 50cl servings.



With a view to the rum being used in hot cocktails for winter, we also designed and supplied stylish gold and black steel cups.


Another brand with a style all of its own is Sadler’s Peaky Blinder. Drawing on the history of the Midlands gang of the same name, and the not unhelpful additional publicity from a certain TV series, the brand has an edgy appeal.

Products supplied by Zest that have helped reinforce this image have included shot-glasses with an embedded bullet, and a set of stainless steel ice cubes, shaped like silver bullets.